Warning, Real cheese lovers only !!

We offer contactless Same Day Delivery for orders placed before 12 pm, Get delivered by 9 pm (Order after 12pm and get delivered the following day). Please enter the best time for the delivery so the cheese doesn't have to stay outside for a prolonged amount of time.


Holiday Special

Cheese and Wine Pairing Box

This year, we created for your the perfect addition to your dinner, and the perfect gift for friends and family. 

The Exclusive Portuguese wine and cheese pairing box. 

3 bottles of wine + 4 kinds of cheese (include one traditional Portuguese one), specially selected to be enjoyed together.


(1 white and 2 red + 4 kinds of cheeses, fig spread, cornichon, dried fruits, nuts, and olives)


(1 white, 1 Rosé, 1 red vintage 2011 + 4 kinds of cheeses, fig spread, cornichon, dried fruits, nuts and olives)

In accordance with our Licence, we are not selling alcoholic beverages and you will be redirected toward the wine merchant. We will fulfill only the cheese order even though delivered together.


Why buy cheese from us, instead of the supermarket will you ask ? 

Because we select a limited variety of cheese that we rotate weekly, to ensure you get only the best, freshest, never wrapped in plastic (because it altered the taste of cheese) local or imported cheese (some cheeses are even bought directly from the farm).

We align on the prices of regular grocery stores and on top of that, you don't even have to go out.  What else can you ask for ?